There are three types of Gold sponsorship packages:

  • Gold + Workshop
  • Gold + Competition
  • Straight Gold

The first two offer exclusive sponsorship of a unique aspect of the conference (outlined below), and the third opportunity—Straight Gold—is connected to a speaking role and conference branding. All Gold packages offer a core conference presentation, up to four complimentary conference registrations, and up to four registrations for the workshops (see sponsorship benefits comparison).

Gold + Workshop

Packages: 8 (2 still available)

Cost: USD $40,000

Gold + Workshop sponsors will establish themselves as thought leaders in a given field by co-chairing a new committee and focused workshop within the Council’s exciting new global Tall Building Assemblies and Accreditation Programs. The sponsor will help drive and co-chair committee meetings (virtual) in advance of the conference, with the corresponding half-day workshop on the first day of the conference reinforcing the assemblies and accreditation/certification programs. Together with CTBUH, the sponsor will co-host and co-chair the workshop, driving the discussion on what constitutes “excellence” in a particular field. Gold + Workshop sponsors will thus be positioned as the leading experts in that field and help advance a new accreditation and certification program after the conference.

Assemblies/Conference Workshop Themes (13 Nos.)

Confirmed hosts/sponsors:

  • Carbon & Materials, hosted by:
  • Construction, hosted by:   
  • Smart Cities, hosted by: 
  • Inventiveness in the City, hosted by: 
  • Legal Aspects of Future Dense Cities, hosted by: 
  • Structure, hosted by: 
  • Engineering, hosted by: 
  • Tenants, hosted by:   
  • Urban Integration & Impact, hosted by: 

Hosts/sponsors pending:

  • Architectural Design
  • Economics & Development
  • Image of Density
  • VT/Mobility

Gold + Student/Research Competition

Packages: 4 (2 still available)

Cost: USD $40,000

Student/Research Competition sponsors support one of four annual, standalone programs aimed at students and researchers around the world. Each of the four involves a pre-conference “call for submissions,” shared extensively with the CTBUH global network, and supports a program typically lasting six months. The sponsor sets the specific theme for its competition and sits on the jury. The winners typically attend the conference and are recognized on stage—with the sponsor making the award. These altruistic packages support specific academic initiatives, with a significant proportion of the funds disbursed directly to the student/research group, tangibly benefiting both the recipients and the sponsor far beyond the conference itself.

  • Gold + Research Seed Funding: This program is aimed at research professors globally and distributes funding of USD $20,000 in a single prize to the best and most novel research proposal.

Kindly sponsored by:  

  • Gold + Student Design Competition: The best projects are displayed and judged at the conference. USD $20,000 of the sponsor funds are distributed to the finalists in the form of prize money and travel stipends for the students to attend and present at the conference in a special session.


Kindly sponsored by: 

  • Gold + Student Research Competition: This program is similar to the research seed funding competition but is aimed at students. The winning group is awarded USD $20,000 of funding.
  • Gold + Student Traveling Design Studio: The winning group of students, from the new Masters of Tall Buildings and Vertical Urbanism Program at the Illinois Institute of Technology, travel to study the sponsor’s site and design a hypothetical tall building/urban project on that site. USD $20,000 of sponsor funds are used to support travel and studio expenses, with the sponsor’s direct involvement as the designs develop.

Straight Gold

Straight Gold packages are not linked to an exclusive element of the conference but benefit from all other aspects of the Gold sponsorship level, including a
core conference presentation, four complimentary conference registrations, and three registrations for the workshops.

Packages: 10 (5 still available)

Cost: USD $30,000

Kindly sponsored by:                 

Contact CTBUH President Antony Wood for more information: [email protected]

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